Coping with Mental Health Top Tips for Christmas


The festive season is now upon us and for most its a time of joy, spending time with loved ones but also for some of us it can be very stressful and overwhelming. Over Christmas our Nurses and Carers will spend time with vulnerable adults old and young. So i would like to thank all the Nurses and Carers  for giving their time whilst maybe leaving their own families at home.

As there are an increasing number of pople that find the Christmas Season too much,  here are a few tips which may help us all:

Christmas Top Tips

  • Talk to someone about your feelings..people are more open to listen and you will feel better having  shared your anxieties;
  • Do something you are good at – baking, going for a walk;
  • Ask for help with any extra ‘jobs’ you have over Christmas..don’t struggle to cope;
  • It makes a difference to Eat well and incorporate good fats into your diet i.e eggs, nuts and fish;
  • Take time to reflect and ask yourself ‘if there was one thing you could change to make you smile what would it be?’;
  • Exercise: sit down for 5 minutes in a quiet room and breath steadily;
  • Spend only what you can..or don’t spend if you can’t..Recycle and making gifts is so rewarding;
  • Spend time with people instead of spending money and you can be the one making a difference.