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Sign Up Now for Our Next Classroom Mandatory Training Day Course

(CPD Accredited)

June 2019 ( Date to be Confirmed)

Time: 9-4pm

Where: Mansfield Business Centre, Ashfield Avenue, Mansfield, NG18 2AE

Cost: £35.00.

To BOOK your place: CALL Sue 01623 404224 or Email her on [email protected]

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Craig and Nadja have been working hard and learning about Facebook Adverts. We are gradually building our ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ thanks to our current staff and clients.

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Relief Nurses, Relief Carers, Relief Chefs, Relief Catering Assistants and Dedication

After the “Beast from the East” visited the UK I would like to pay tribute to our relief nurses, relief carers, relief chefs and relief catering assistants.

Despite the terrible weather the vast majority of our relief teams made it to work against all the odds. One of our relief nurses, realising the roads to her assignment were impassable, walked 4 miles to get to the nursing home she was booked into. This is remarkable dedication by any standards and stories like this shows why we at Full Circle are justly very proud of our relief staff. There were many other episodes of staff getting to work against the odds from the catering and care relief teams.

Dedication like this just goes to show what a fantastic team of relief staff we have.

Thank you to all of you.

Relief Nurses


Below is another lovely letter we received from S.H.E.U.K. If you can help this wonderful charity with a donation, no matter how small, it would help them greatly to carry on their wonderful work.

I think it is worth noting that neither of the charities below receive any funding so you really can make a difference to the lives of those in need.



Below is a lovely letter we received from Hetty’s. If you can help this wonderful charity in any way it would be greatly appreciated by them.


Stand Out From The Crowd

Stand Out From The Crowd

Recently one of regular valued clients said she will only use Full Circle because we stand out from the crowd. Comments like this mean a great deal to all of us in the office. It reflects on the consultants in the office, a down to earth bunch of knowledgeable individuals who have all worked in the industries they supply staff to. This insight also helps when offering advice to  companies using our Full Circle Jobs website. I think I have emphasised this once or twice before in previous posts! We are not sales people, we have a genuine interest in helping our clients whenever we can. When things go wrong we always try to find a solution. We know from personal experience working in these industries just what can happen when things go bad. This alone is one powerful reason why we care about our clients.

On the relief side of things we can only thank our wonderful team of temporary staff who work for us year in year out providing our clients with a wonderful service. You really do stand out from the crowd.

The good news for anyone looking for a relief chef, nurse or healthcare assistant over the Christmas period is that at the moment we do have availability, so book now!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Snow, Snow, Thick, Thick, Snow

 Snow, Snow, Thick, Thick, Snow

Sunday afternoon at the dance school and the dance teacher comments on the weather by saying snow, snow, thick, thick, snow. He even comments on the weather in time!!

What are the odds on having a white Christmas? Imagine the chaos that would cause in the Healthcare and Hospitality Sectors. This could affect the chefs and cooks, the nurses and carers, the customers going for a Christmas meal out, the families of loved ones in the care homes on this special day not being able to visit.

So lets hope it isn’t a white Christmas at Christmas. Lets hope everyone is able to get to work and the families get to visit their loved ones and the Christmas diners have their Christmas dinners.

Lets hope that Christmas can really bring peace on earth and goodwill to all men.

If you are envisaging problems with your Christmas staffing levels call Full Circle Catering and Full Circle Care for agency nurses, carers, chefs, cooks and kitchen assistants. If we can help we will.

Just like our dance instructor, make sure you keep your rhythm going in your establishment this Christmas, if your staff miss a beat, call us, if we can we will help to put the rhythm back into your business!!!!!!

The X Factor

The X Factor didn’t seem to go on as long this year did it? Depending on your taste in music you are either disappointed with the result or, like me, very happy. Rak-Su are a very talented group, they wrote their own music throughout as did Grace, a very worthy runner up. Apart from the music though the thing that came across to me was just how polite and humble the finalists were. Lets hope they remain grounded in their future careers. They were a credit to their much maligned generation.

Now it could be said that the consultants at Full Circle also have the X Factor, they are all polite, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Whichever department you call you are going to find the same exceptional service whoever you speak to.

If you need to place a permanent job you will receive the same service, if you need to book a relief carer or nurse you will receive the same service, if you need to book a relief chef or catering assistant you will receive the same service. It is this commitment to our clients that keeps our valued customers coming back year on year. Thank you to you all.

X Factor

Outstanding Temporary Employee of the Month November 2017

Each month we elect Carers or Nurses of the week that have perfomed outside their call of duty, shown their commitment to the Clients and flexibility in the workplace.



We are pleased to announce that Full Circle Care has secured the HC-One Contract for another 3 years. Thank you to the all the Healthcare Assistants and Nurses for their professionalism and continued commitment to the Clients and Full Circle Care.

‘Run with care for the caring profession’