New Job New Agency

It is this time of year when people look for New Jobs or New Agencies. I have been working with Agencies for more than 20 years and if you are looking for a new Agency I have listed 10 Top things to help you decide which Agency to choose:

  1. Ask how long do their Relief Carers and Nurses stay with the Agency;
  2. Ask how long the Consultants have worked at the Agency;
  3. Do you get a dedicated Consultant who will know about your skill set and personal circumstances;
  4. If you have a problem out of office hours who can you contact – is it a call centre – or an office consultant;
  5. If you wanted a Full Time Job with their Clients would they support this and how;
  6. What Training do they offer;
  7. If your wages are incorrect or not paid what happens and how quickly will it be rectified;
  8. If your shift is cancelled when you arrive at the workplace will you receive a minimum no of hours pay to cover your time and travel expense;
  9. How does the Payment system work and how do we receive Holiday Pay as you ARE entitled to it if you are on their Payroll;
  10. What work experience do the Consultants have.

It is important to sign up with an Agency that can work with you and treat you like one of their own staff. At Full Circle Care the staff for long periods of time. We value our staff and receive feedback that we are different to other Agencies as we treat the staff as individuals.

We are looking to recruit another Full Time Carer and Nurse to join our team.

Please call 01623 404224 or email [email protected]