Here a just a few Testimonials from our Team of Relief Staff and  Clients

Glenn Ridgewell – Senior / HCA


I have worked with Full Circle Care for approximately 4 years all in all. I have been signed to 4 or 5 other agencies to do the same work but Full Circle Care by miles out shine the rest.

I have always been given work no matter what my availability, Sue, Nadja and Julie always managed to gain work, there has never been a day where they have said they dont have anything on that day, quite the opposite in fact there has always been more If I wanted it and they genuinely dedicate their time to their staff requirement. Needless to say I now only need to work for Full Circle Care.

Joining Full Circle Care has without a shadow of a doubt been the best decision I made for working within the health care sector, I have vastly broadened my skill base and have gained unmeasurable amounts of knowledge along the way. The mandatory training, I have received has been of a very good quality with instructors that are professionals within their field making the experience of learning enjoyable, satisfying and understandable.  There are options for further training in areas you would require and opportunities to gain nationally recognised qualifications alongside that which is great for career enhancement or even further education.

The staff at Full Circle Care are the most supportive, friendly, professional and understanding staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my 22 years of working in the care industry. Working for a company who care and support their staff is a blessing and a quality rare to find in other companies. You can always count on all the office team and management for support, backing or advice they will never let you down, always fight your corner and are always happy to hear from you no matter what your ringing or visiting them for.

There are many benefits for working with Full Circle care: they are very accommodating to your situation, they have been great finding work around my commitments which has enabled me to study for a full-time degree and earn a full-time wage with manageable shifts and hours to suit my needs. The work is always offered to you and not just assumed that’s what you’re going to do and is always booked in advance so you can plan around work.  There is never any pressure to do what you don’t want to do or work when you don’t want.

Their pay rates are one of the most competitive in the industry.

You can guarantee if you are working alongside another Full Circle Care member of Staff whether it be a Nurse carer or senior you will be working with professional staff who work to high standards are reliable and are proud to be representing the Full Circle Care agency. I have made many friends and work colleagues form the agency over the years and you gain a sense of pride from all them for working with Full Circle Care.

Everywhere I have worked have always commented on how much they prefer Full Circle Care to any other agency because they are reliable, responsive, produce high quality staff and a high-quality service.

I have gained experience with Full Circle Care that I would never find anywhere else and that is one of the great benefits for me, I have worked in Nursing, residential, special needs, boarding Schools, supported living, EMI, High dependence units, Hospital for Personality disorder, autism support just to name a few and have met many different individuals from all walks of life gained experiences and memories that are invaluable and will remain with me for life. The experiences I have gained with this company also played a vital part of my university application to study a medical degree and assisted my application.

I don’t only work as a Health Care Assistant I cover senior work and manage shifts in various care settings always receiving great response and welcomes from their staff. The care home managers and staff are always relieved to see a Full Circle Care member which speaks volumes in its self.

I whole heartedly recommend Full Circle Care to anyone both establishment and perspective staff alike.

If I had to sum the agency up It would be: outstanding, professional, leaders of the industry.

A pleasure to work for and with.

Janice Tesh – HCA

Janice Tesh

I have worked for Full Circle Care Agency for 2 years now. Having worked for another agency previous I was a little wary, but from the minute I met the team in the office at interview I was promised good communication and flexibility , no pressure.

This has always been the case. Always had shifts and to suit my lifestyle, always had the reputation of Full Circle Care to build on wherever I went. Holiday pay accrued and whenever I wanted to use it, it was available to me.

I would highly recommend Full Circle Care Agency because of their honesty and high standards. Ease of booking shifts and efficiency, top team !

My favourite aspects of the role are the variety of shifts and gaining massive experience, and also being respected as a member of the Full Circle Care team . Can’t thank them enough for the time I have worked for them !

JJ Fletcher – HCA

JJ Fletcher

I have worked for Full Circle Care for about 3 years. At first going onto agency work can be daunting but it really was the best thing I ever did. It’s wonderful to go to different places and meet different people and it allows you to build up all aspects of your care and pick up on things that work well in different settings and apply them to your own practice. I have never struggled to get the hours to suit my needs and the flexibility of the role gives you so much freedom. I have never worked for a company where I have felt so supported and all the people in the office are amazing and go above and beyond for you. All the staff at full circle including the carers, nurses and chefs are such wonderful people. It’s like being part of a family and we all care for each other and support each other.  The move to Full Circle Care is the best thing I ever did I just wish I had done it sooner.

Martin Spalding -Senior/HCA

Martin Spalding

I can honestly say that I feel proud to wear the Full Circle Care uniform and represent such a reputable company within the Mansfield District and surrounding areas.

Jennie Strange -RGN

Jenny Strange

I have worked for Full Circle Care for six years and have never been short of work. Nadja, Sue and Julie and all the guys in Full Circle Catering are great people along with Jane in the accounts office. My wages have always been paid on time and have never been wrong. Holiday pay has always been paid when asked for.

Training facilities are readily available at regular intervals and links given to online training, which again are easy to access.

I enjoy popping into the office and having a chat as you are always made welcome and can have a laugh and put the world to rights.

I can recommend Full Circle Care to anyone wanting to change employment or to gain extra experience.

Shah Syed -RGN 

Shah Syed

Hi,  I have been with Full Circle Care for last 7 years ,working as a registered nurse; through out this period I enjoyed working for them as I found them very organised, professional, polite and friendly. They are very focused and client and staff are the centre of their business and treat them as family. I look forward for their success and progress in the life to come.


July 2018

I would like to thank you and your team for your commitment and professionalism for covering shifts for me and you have gone above and beyond to accommodate us when needed even at short notice. You have been a life saver in so many ways.

Your team of Carers are professional, caring and work well. They get on with the jobs in hand, both for night and recently day shifts, they get on well with the staff at our home.

To reiterate again a massive thank you for all you have done for us.

Kind regards

Home Manager Ria



September 2017

We thoroughly enjoy working with Full Circle Care, the staff we meet are all of a high standard and you now when they are from Full Circle Care.

Deputy Manager, Carol from Matlock

April 2017

From Home Manager: Derbyshire

Client quoted, ” a massive quality difference with Full Circle Care Agency compared to other agencies“.

December 2016

From Home Manager: Katy, Nottinghamshire

 I just want to say a massive thank you for the chocolates it was a lovely gesture and much appreciate. Can I also take the opportunity to thank everyone of you and your team for your constant support with staffing you provide to us, brilliant team.

 Thank you  for everything